We like to have a holistic approach operating as a tech company, therefore, implementing SAP HANA server, network management at all different stages and SAP consulting are our main activities. Integration solutions for ERP (Enterprise Solution Planning) are provided by our dedicated team as well.



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The 360 ° solution by iSystems

The 360 ° solution is a solution that provides full support to the partner in all phases of the project.

> We start by supporting SAP HANA projects and migrations <

Because it is increasingly important to have qualified support for SAP Hana implementations. It is a complex solution that demands specialized technical knowledge and has a long learning curve. So, why invest all that time and effort if we have a business partner who is a specialist in the subject and allows us to concentrate on what is important, to control the implementation?

> 100% certified hardware <

SAP Hana requires a very specific hardware environment and small inconsistencies can compromise the implementation. Our hardware suppliers maintain the highest quality standards that ensure that the hardware is no problem when delivering the business solution.

> SUSE Linux Enterprise and SAP HANA preconfigured for SAP Business ONE and S4 <

Setting up a server from scratch can be a task that takes days, in complex cases even more than a week. But with iSystems, preconfigured environments are immediately ready for your application.

> On-site hardware support nine hours a day, five days a week, 24/7 on demand <

In the event of catastrophic failure there is immediate response and redundant environments allow us to meet normal needs on a standard schedule. However, we also have 24/7 hours, on demand, if required by the partner.

> We have database backup cloud solutions <

Every day there are more and more risks of data loss due to cyber attacks or simply operational errors that compromise the quality of information within SAP B1. Having an automated backup model that ensures that we have available backup points and that the recovery after a catastrophic failure is as fast as possible and with a minimum of data loss is a must for every company, and with iSystems the partner can be absolutely relaxed, also in this aspect.

> We do Worry-Free HANA & SUSE Linux Upgrade <

As an SAP B1 implementer, one of the most important challenges is a version upgrade involving changes to Hana and SUSE. With iSystems’ services the migration is limited to an on-demand process that does not jeopardize the stability of the implementation and guarantees a smooth process for customers, who thus only have to worry about their business.

Skyrocket your business with The 360 ° solution by iSystems!