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Cloud Integrity / The hidden Costs

Cloud computing has become a major transformative force for SMBs and large enterprises, establishing itself with benefits such as limitless scalability, flexible cost structures and rapid time-to-market. The accelerated adoption of the cloud by the enterprises over the past decade highlights its central role as the backbone of modern digital business.


While cloud services are crucial, if not implemented and managed strategically, they can have a significant downside and their integrity is called into question.


Now let’s address the elephant in the room.



Scalability is one of the best-known benefits of cloud services, but it doesn’t always deliver the flexibility it promises.

Some cloud infrastructure providers require users to commit to a subscription upfront, which can cause problems later on when a company faces unprecedented demand.


Attractive discounts in disguise

Many IT providers offer attractive discounts to long term contract commitments, that can result in buying more capacity than needed, sometimes forcing the enterprise to stick with the/one IT provider.

Cheap doesn’t always mean good. Many vendors sell cloud services at attractive prices, but require additional features later, which increases the final cost.


Security & Data backup

Poor security practices and data recovery management procedures around cloud, can lead to data loos and days of paralysis of operations for SMEs


High egress expenses

High egress expenses are a concern, particularly regarding the expenses associated with transferring data from the cloud to the public internet. These fees, known as data egress fees, can catch organizations off guard. They are billed retrospectively and encompass not only active downloads but also incur costs for ongoing applications and workloads, leading to unexpected expenses.


So now comes the question: Is moving to the cloud a wrong choice?

It doesn’t have to be. You just need to identify your enterprise needs, and depending on your workload, you can determine how to adjust your on-prem, cloud or colocation.


iSystems can help you recalibrate your cloud strategy by delivering a more secure and reasonable cloud model.

A managed cloud hosting solution combined with a strong backup management, significantly reduces the investment in infrastructure and maintenance of the IT area of the companies.  The number of physical servers required is reduced, workload management is more versatile, and it is much easier to keep up to date technologically.



iSystems cloud-hosting strategy always meets best practice security and configuration standards for risk and compliance.


> Worry-free Data Management

Fully managed cloud-hosted services such as: 24/7 Tech. support, Database Maintenance and Migration, Updates, Installation, Data Protection etc.


> Data Security

Cloud offers many advanced security features that guarantee that data is securely stored and handled.


> Scalability

Pay-as-you-need basis & effectively scale up or down, depending on overall usage, user requirements and company growth.


> Mobility/Flexibility

Workers can connect from anywhere, anytime and from any device.


> Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Low maintenance and equipment costs (hardware, facilities, utilities etc.)


We deliver a complete portfolio of possibilities when comes to IT infrastructure.

If you are seeking professional guidance, our team can help you strategically decide what makes the most sense for your business.


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