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The impact of Ransomware & Data Backup as a security solution

According to statista, in the first half of 2022, the number of ransomware attacks has increased to nearly 106 million incidents worldwide, especially since the shifts toward hybrid and remote workforce.

The leading causes of ransomware infections were spam and phishing emails, followed by poor user practices and procedures, and lack of cyber security training.

Beyond the cost of paying a ransom for encrypted information, the opportunity cost caused by the loss of information and days of paralysis of operations is unsustainable for SMEs.

Companies are relaying on electronic working systems that are paralysed during a Ransomware attack, and since is the end users who compromise security, there is no way to prevent it completely.

Data Backup – the most fundamental cyber-security measurement

In the digital age, there is no 100% protection, but it is vital for organisations to consider all the possible measurements for data protection including solid processes around cybersecurity, cloud security, identity access management, and risk management.

A solid backup setup not only protects against cyberattacks, but also ensures data loss prevention and recovery, in case the information is accidentally deleted, the work device gets stolen, or the hard drive gets corrupted of fails.

A modern backup model combined with a managed Cloud hosting solution, significantly reduces the investment in infrastructure and maintenance of the IT area of the companies. The number of physical servers required is reduced, workload management is more versatile, and it is much easier to keep up to date technologically.

In the event of catastrophic failure and outrage, the most efficient and secure data protection procedure is to have a complete backup of the databases and the entire environment.

These types of solutions are most efficiently implemented in an iSystems Cloud model where communication speeds and virtualised environments make the process easier, reducing critical downtime from days to hours or minutes. iSystems Backup and Recovery procedures are proven on a regular basis.

Worry-Free (Managed) System

The companies can choose to have their own server hosted in a managed cloud. The customer can purchase (or rent) a server and host it in a fully operational data center, with all the administration services included.

To implement an SAP Business One project between 15-20 users, it is more cost effective during a period of 5 years to buy a server and host it in the cloud, rather than considering a server in a traditional public cloud or taking the risk having it at home.

There is also the possibility for the companies to rent the server during a period of 4 years, and/or benefit of the all the necessary installation and maintenance separately if he already owns a server.

With data center facilities in North and South America, Europe and Asia, we support customers all over the world. We focus on assisting SAP partners and End-Users (large and SMEs) with IT infrastructure, data hosting solutions, network management and professional support services.

For higher security and data backup we offer the possibility to host data in two additional data centers.

All hosting offers come with an external backup solution that copies data to an independent and not permanently connected storage. The backup runs at least once a day and, in case of emergency, we can help you restore, rebuild, and secure your data.