We like to have a holistic approach operating as a tech company, therefore, implementing SAP HANA server, network management at all different stages and SAP consulting are our main activities. Integration solutions for ERP (Enterprise Solution Planning) are provided by our dedicated team as well.



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Empower your business with SAP Business One hosted in iSystems Cloud

Cloud Hosting
for SAP B1


Empower your business with SAP Business One hosted in iSystems Cloud. 

Cloud Hosting for SAP B1


SAP Business One in the cloud is the engine for business change.

Imagine having the full power of SAP Business One, the leading business management solution, at your fingertips, without worrying about servers, hardware or maintenance. That’s precisely what our Cloud Infrastructure delivers.

This solution gives you unlimited flexibility to adapt your infrastructure to the changing needs of your business. You no longer have to worry about physical hardware limitations because everything runs in the cloud and scales as you need it.

Give your business the boost it needs


Secure Platform

Cloud Data Backup

Continuous Updates

For Whom Is Our Service Designed?

SAP Business One in the CLOUD service is aimed for companies of all sizes and industries that want to simplify their operations, boost efficiency and productivity, and free themselves from the burden of managing IT infrastructures. The main customer profiles that make use of our service include:

  • Service Companies

  • Food Companies

  • Companies in the Retail Sector

  • Health Care Companies

  • Technology companies

  • SMEs & Large Enterprises

  • Start-ups

  • Multinational companies

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Distribution Companies

iSystems Cloud

Designed in Germany,
Implemented Worldwide

Benefits of Our Service

This service fundamentally reshapes the way businesses manage their operations. The transition to the cloud is not just a technological change, but a business transformation that delivers a number of competitive advantages. Here are some of the key aspects to consider:


Pay as you go and scale up or down efficiently, depending on overall usage, user needs and business growth.

Extensive Security

The iSystems cloud offers many advanced security features to ensure that data is stored and handled securely.

Remote Access

With our help, your team can access SAP B1 and data from anywhere, improving collaboration and efficiency.

Enterprise agility

Cloud infrastructure provides the ability to adapt quickly to changing market demands and business needs.

Increased Availability

We guarantee high availability and uptime, minimising disruption to business operations.

Automatic Updates

Software updates and patches are handled automatically, ensuring that you are always up to date.

Business Focus

It allows companies to concentrate on their core operations instead of worrying about IT infrastructure management.

Efficiency and cost reduction

Low maintenance and equipment costs (hardware, facilities, services, etc.)

Why run SAP Business One
in the Cloud?

A cloud managed service is a customized (with dedicated resources), business specific solution ran by a third-party provider on behalf of the client.

> Customers have dedicated/shared servers and resources in the hosting partner data center facility


> The customer decides if to rent/purchase the hardware

> Go beyond just the need of your SAP software and extend the ability of your SAP implementation with add-ons or third=party solution 

> The number of solutions can be scaled up or down as nedeed with ease

> Can host SQL or HANA installations of SAP

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Experience the potential of our software

By migrating SAP B1 to the cloud, you’ll experience benefits such as the flexibility to scale resources as needed, remote access from any location, elimination of hardware and maintenance costs, and greater agility in deploying upgrades and enhancements. This translates into reduced operational costs and greater adaptability to changing business demands.

Security in the cloud is top-notch. Cloud service providers implement advanced security measures such as data encryption, user authentication, constant monitoring and compliance with industry-leading security standards. Your data and SAP B1 infrastructure are robustly and reliably protected.

SAP B1 updates and patches in the cloud are handled by the cloud provider, ensuring a fast and smooth implementation. This relieves your IT team of the burden of keeping the system up to date and secure.

Cloud infrastructure offers automated backup and data recovery options, ensuring continuous availability of your data in the event of failures or disasters.

While costs may vary by provider and resources used, in general, cloud infrastructure is often more cost-effective in the long run. Upfront hardware costs are eliminated, and you pay only for the resources you consume, which can result in a lower TCO compared to an on-premises deployment. Plus, you get additional benefits of scalability and agility.

Cristina Rafael
Partner Manager, Europe

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As our customers’ needs evolve, we want to ensure that we offer a consistent portfolio of capabilities, we also provide local infrastructure for SAP Business One.