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How to win the 2016 UEFA European Soccer Championship with SAP Sports One on SAP HANA

With SAP Sports One the German national soccer team wants to win the 2016 UEFA European Championship. This Software is based on the in-memory database SAP HANA.Shortly before the start of the tournament, the German national football association and SAP explained how.

In 2014, the German national soccer team won the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. And just a little bit of that achievement may be because the German national football association has recognized early on the benefits they can draw from a powerful database and analysis engine.

The german team used the SAP solution “Match Insights”. With that solution they analyze matches and player in preparing for as well as during the actual 2014 World Cup itself.

This SAP HANA-based analysis software can analyze huge amounts of data. With that data the team can determine specific patterns and tactics competing teams may use, likely team lineups and individual player performance. It even calculates which players of the competing teams are most likely to be chosen to take a penalty kick. Oliver Bierhoff, manager of the german national soccer team, explained in an interview how ten players using three balls during training could produce over seven million data points in a span of ten minutes. SAP HANA enables the team to analyze this data in realtime. That not only supported preparations for the World Cup but gave the team a tactical advantage.

For the EURO 2016 in France, the German national team is still betting on SAP HANA with SAP Sports One. That is the next evolution of “Match Insights”. Before the start of the tournament, in a joint press conference by SAP and the DFB, Oliver Bierhoff, Christofer Clemens, chief analyst of the German national team, and SAP board member Bernd Leukert talked about the advantages of SAP Sports One. Bierhoff said: “big-data is an important factor in every field of business. We will have more and more possibilities to handle data in soccer. We want to be at the cutting edge. SAP doesn’t analyze the games themselves, but they deliver the data fast and reliably. In the past, it was problematic to gather all the relevant data. Today, it’s possible.” So once again, Coach Löw will be using this data to prepare his team for the upcoming matches and opponents

Digitalization and big data are as relevant in soccer as they are in business. Teams employing technologies to use this data will definitely have an advantage. Not only will they know their competitors better but also themselves. That is a definite advantage over other teams. Spending hours and hours on match video analysis seems to be in the past, thanks to SAP HANA’s In-Memory-Technology.

We are looking forward to an exciting tournament with lots of data to analyze!

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